Chorlton Park and Old Moat Federation

Chorlton Park Primary School and Old Moat Primary School together form a federation. The schools share an Executive Headteacher and the board of governors represents and works across both schools. The finances and management of the schools have also come together.

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David Watson is now Executive Head of both schools and many other members of staff are now involved with the two schools. 

Being a federation means that both schools benefit from shared expertise, shared resources and shared success.

Many schools are developing new ways of operating their schools to improve standards, make them more efficient and to put them in a better position to face the future. Successful schools of the 21st century need to look beyond the school gates to the wider community. 

We have a wider responsibility to ensure our pupils get the best from their learning environment, and we want to continue raising standards and aspirations at both schools. If schools are to flourish and succeed, now and in the future, they need to work together.

Having this type of partnership allows us to keep and nurture the individual identities and character of each school, including their distinctive uniforms.

Ultimately, we want to enrich our children’s school life, but we can’t do this without you, and we need your help. So please do get in touch to discuss how the collaboration is working so far.

How are our children benefitting from the collaboration?

  • The ‘big question’ has been adopted at Old Moat and the schools have inspired each other with ideas for new ‘big questions’
  • Children visiting each other’s school, sharing their work and enjoying joint workshops;
  • Competition within a federation can be good too; football matches between the two schools have been a great success and more joint events are planned
  • Plans are afoot to buy a minibus for joint events and activities such as swimming galas, basketball and travelling to music festivals. This will also be available to transport children and staff between the two schools, enabling more joint activities
  • Old Moat has moved into its fabulous new building. The facilities are shared with Chorlton Park, with Old Moat pupils continuing to have access to Chorlton Park facilities and resources
  • The schools’ ICT teams have made strong links and are working together to improve ICT provision across the schools
  • Healthy eating programmes have been adopted at both schools - Old Moat is following Cholton Park in bringing school meals in-house, and a joint Catering Manager has been appointed to further improve the menus
  • Old Moat has been given a Green Schools award. Old Moat is working with Chorlton Park on some exciting green initiatives so that they too can aim for gold.